April 27, 2016

Mother's day Gift guide

Mother's day Gift guide

Happy Wednesday Fashionistas!
Mother's day is around the corner for the one's that are in another country here in United States we celebrate mother's day May 8. I wanted to share with everyone a mother's gift guide, if you don't know what to get your mom, cousin, sister,grandmother and etc..... here are some ideas they don't have to be the same brand or anything but you get the idea.

1) Mom mug - Mom's need their coffee and what better with a special mug
2) Bracelet / Necklace - Jewelry is always a good idea
3) Face creams - Mom's always need a good cream for their face
4) Flowers are always a must
5) Breakfast in bed a perfect way to start the morning
6) Heels / Sandals - Shoes are perfect, if you know your mom's style
7) Perfumen  - a good perfume set can make a perfect gift
8) Jeweled Decorative Globe - Perfect way to make a statement at mom's desk/ office
9)Pillow - For mom's bedroom, office to always remember who gave it to her
10) Handbag - A perfect nude color for mom's new bag
11) Mom & daughter case / Mom of the year - A brand new case for mom's iphone can make a good statement 

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