May 21, 2015

10 Benefits about Zumba

Thursday has become the new segment up on my blog where we talk about some zumba updates, most of you (my readers, my followers) have become a fan about zumba updates and they have asked me different questions well the picture down bellow says the 10 benefits about zumba I will translated for you that do not speak english!
Before we talk about that I am here with Priscilla, she is honestly the best at zumba you will get motivated! Soon we will doing videos together and other projects! I will let you know about them very soon!!! Alos you can find Here any zumba classes near you!!

10 benefits about Zumba

1. Burn 600-1000 calories in just one hour!
2. Tone up muscle 
3. It's very fun!
4. Stress free
5. Helps you coordinate better
6. Builds your heart and lungs better
7. Helps with you cheer up and also self esteem 
8. See results in a very short time
9. Is for all ages
10. It makes you happy!

Comment for any questions or suggestions!!

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