April 23, 2015

Zumba classes

Hello World!
I have not being posting because I am kinda of addicted to working out for the past three weeks I have take zumba classes and Guess what? I love it
I am here with Ptiscilla one of the zumba instructors and she's amazing, she will make you sweat in the first 5 minutes of the class and I am also learning how to dance jiji!!
Also if you can't find zumba classes near you what then walk/ run thats a great way to start getting your body into shape for the summer and also a great way for your heart and mind. 
I have always not like going to the gym but now with zumba I am always looking forward going to dance also workout my legs and arms. The summer it's around the corner and my body isn't ready yet!!!!

Here I am with another instructor (all about core and strength)
Rich  its great and he will push you until you drop 

zumba it's a great way to burn calories and also getting your body into shape

If you can't find zumba classes then walk/ run its great workout to burn some calories before the workout

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