March 23, 2015

Make up appointment questions you should ask

Hello There!
I was on spring break and I kind of didn't had time but I nada great and I did looks of shopping soon I would do a video showing everything that I got!

*Well today's post its very easy and simple I am going to show you what type of questions you should ask where never you had a makeup appointment 
The most 10 Important questions???

1. Explain to him/her what kind of products you use (daily from cream to foundation and etc...)
2. Ask him/her what type of skin you have (just in case you didn't know). 
Also what creams would you need for you face and how to protect your skin from the sun!
3. Ask whats better a bbcream or a double wear or a regular foundation
4. Ask if you need a primer? what colors fit you better (skin tone)
5. What color of foundation you use? (to know for the future)
6. Should you use a brush for a foundation?
7. It's okay to mix foundations?
8. Should I sleep with makeup on?
9. Whats better bronzer/ blush 
10. What lip color fits you better?

Ask all of this question if you never had a makeup appointment before and don't forget to also use mascara it will make you look more dramatic and the lashes look amazing!!!
Tomorrow I will show you what products I purchase from estee lauder

They were so sweet and they gave me some tips to show you 

Thank you!!!

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