January 1, 2015


First post of the year!
I hope everyone had an amazing New year's with family and friends and loved ones, I am so excited to share with you guys everything that is happening in 2015. So many plans and exciting news for my blog. I will start doing youtube videos. I hope it helps others what I like and share my tips that I know and hopefully it will be good. 
Since it's a new year it means new things and offcuerse a new perfume to start the year, well my bf bought me this amazing perfume for christmas and I love it so much I decided to share it with everyone. The name of is its HANAE MORI. It smells very soft and sophisticated, if you are looking for a soft perfume, well this one is the winner. 
It also came with matching earrings and offcuerse he did a monogram christmas ornament for my tree in my room. Ins't he the sweetest? 

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