September 11, 2014

Handmade Jewelry on Sale

I am not just a blogger I love to create bracelets for my self and I decided to why not sale it to my followers. All of this items are handmade by me! Its fun for an arm candy! And also for all ages and all year around. If any of you are interested about buying any of this items and I recently made comment down bellow or send me an email at
I don't have a site for my jewelry yet but for now we can talk thru email or comments. 
Thank you all for you support and for always checking my blog!!

Read more for different styles!!!

Yellow handmade bracelet for $6.00 

Cross bracelet for $8.00

Clear bracelet for $5.00

Green bracelet for $4.00

Blush pink for $4.00

Braided bracelet for $10.00 

Braided bracelet for $10.00 

Thank you and don't forget to order bracelets with different colors or styles!!!!
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