August 29, 2014

Labor day weekend sale

Hello!!! I am back! 
Sorry for the last two days that I wasn't posting but I had a lot going on with school about to star and work. But I am back and well yesterday after work I was shopping around because for the people that do not know on Thursday the sales will star for any retail stores, so we do not have to on monday to see what sales they have. Here is what I purchase yesterday! 
Cwonder is having an amazing sale!!! I bought some accesories I pay nothing compare to what they cost as full price...

I also went to target offcuerseee!!!! I saw this cute leopard flats for only $21.99 I had to get them for school. They are perfect for the fall (for my opinion)

I will be doing a video for my labor day weekend sale!!
It should be up on my youtube channel on tuesday!!!!

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Have a great weekend loves!!!!

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